Tips to Help You Get the Car Keys Inside the Car

Car Keys

Having a spare key is one of those things that never seems necessary until it is needed. You may ever lose it, steal it, or leave it inside the car, and it has closed while you are out. It is normal that it is embarrassing and posing a bitch trying to open the door. Think that, like you, another 100,000 Spaniards a year forget the keys inside.

So how could you open your car door without using the key? You can call a professional and charge you several tens of euros for five minutes of work, but several free methods can solve the problem. And no, it is not necessary to resort to breaking the window to recover the keys. Please do not get frustrated with yourself, they are things that happen, and here we are going to see some solutions that can be useful.

Unlock a car door without a key

The locking mechanisms vary widely depending on the vehicle. The newest ones have remote locks to open and close them, and in the oldest ones, the wrist turning movement must use to open it manually. Some have the bowler in the upper inner part of the door, right next to the window, while others have it in the handle. First of all, you have to know for sure where the unlocking mechanism is.

Method 1: Shoelace

It seems too good to be true, but the truth is that this method only works with the internal locking mechanisms that have a vertical spring to be operated. Of course, it is possibly the fastest option, low cost, and simple in a moment of trouble.

You will have to remove the cord from your footwear and make a small slip knot that, at the moment of hugging the pivot of the insurance, can be tightened. Place the rope inside the car through the space between the door and the rest of the body, preferably from the upper right corner (referring to the driver’s door). Then, try to put the loop in the lock, tighten it, pull up it.

Method 2: A hanger

This method, like the previous one, can be frustrating. Unless you are a professional, you will need many attempts until you leave. Don’t faint, in the end, and you always get it. You will need a wire hanger and pliers (or brute force) to give it an elongated hook shape that goes inside the window.

Once you have it, there are two options:

  • Your car has the unlock button on the armrest. If you reach the button, press it, and problem-solving.
  • Move the wire until you find the unlocking mechanism, being careful always to know its position. When you find the spring and notice that you have, it hooked, pull (or push, depending on the vehicle).

car keys

Method 3: Rod and screwdriver

All you need is a flathead screwdriver, a steel rod (although any long, thin and rigid instrument will serve you) and a few seconds of your precious time. Use the screwdriver to pry the door frame and try to open it just enough and necessary to insert the rod. Find the unlock button and press it. Be aware that any metallic object can damage the exterior and interior, so be careful.

Method 4: Slim Jim

You may not know what a Slim Jim is, but surely you have seen him on more than one occasion. It is a pick that inserted through the tires surround the window of the car and overlooks the keyhole at the time of opening the door. It is a tool that had appeared on the big screen on numerous occasions, although the police also usually carry them.

This method also designed for older locking mechanisms. Insert the finest stopper inside the door in the same way you would with the hanger, and look for the spring in charge of unlocking the doors. If this tool is used improperly, instead of solving your problem, you will add new ones. You can break the window, break the internal wiring, or leave the door locked.

Method 5: Tennis Ball

Perhaps this is one of the most controversial methods of those explained so far. It assumed that, with a tennis ball, the lock of a car could force to unlock the locking mechanism. A technique that requires some skill and strength, and is not a great complication, at least on paper.

Using a drill, a screwdriver, or any other sharp object, make a hole in the ball thick enough to fit into the keyhole. Place the tennis ball on top of the bowler and push hard. The pressure created in the ball will force the mechanism, and as if by magic, the door can open, or so they say.

The truth is that it seems that the tennis ball method is not the most effective because it does not always come out. Myth? Reality? If you want to check if it works or not, it is best to try it yourself.

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Method 6: Inflatable Wedge

The principle is the same as that of the rod and the screwdriver. Still, instead of forcing the door with a metal device that can damage the body of our car, an inflatable airbag is used using a manual pump that will wedge to open the door a few centimeters.

With the right and necessary hole, introduce the stick, rod, tuned hanger, or whatever you have more at hand, and look for the opening button. With a minimally decent pulse and some patience, you will hit the right button. The negative aspect? This tool is not something common to walk around the house, and getting one of them is somewhat more expensive than a screwdriver, from about 15 euros, approximately.

Method 7: Through the trunk door

If for some bizarre reason, the trunk door of your car is not closed, you may be able to access the cabin from there. In some vehicles, there is a handle somewhere in the trunk that serves to lower the second row of seats. If this is the case, pull it and crawl to unlock the doors and get your keys.

Method 8: Shuffle other alternatives

If none of these methods is valid, many alternatives may be equally useful but, perhaps, are not as practical:

  • Call a locksmith.
  • Call the roadside assistance you have hired.
  • Call the police.
  • Ask a friend or family member to pick you up.
  • Think about traveling by public transport.
  • Use the legs with which life has blessed you.

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