Tips to Drive in the Strong Wind Without Losing Control

Drive Comfort and Safety in the Strong Wind

The tips for driving in strong winds go through the importance of extreme caution and adapt the driving to avoid possible accidents.

Commonly one does not usually think of the wind when talking about meteorological phenomena. That affects driving, but, in reality, it is one of the most dangerous, especially when it is strong or gusty wind. Among the tips for driving in strong winds, the importance of extreme caution and adapting driving to avoid possible accidents highlighted.

It is important to note that it is a meteorological phenomenon that causes about 170 accidents every year. For this reason, it recommended that you follow the tips for driving in strong winds.

The first recommendation for driving with strong wind is to slow down and adapt it to the road. When the speed reduced, the vehicle itself will ‘grab,’ by its weight, the road. The use of short gears advised by the General Traffic Directorate. These types of gears facilitate acceleration as long as a high-speed regime used.

Drive Comfort and Safety in the Strong Wind

Attention to the wind

The speed and force of the wind are crucial when it comes to controlling the vehicle. It is advisable to detect them to gain reaction time. As a clue, you can see the movement of tree branches. If the route passes through interurban areas with difficult mountains, it may mark by wind sleeves.

Special attention must pay to changes in wind direction. This result is one of the great dangers of driving in strong wind. It is recommended not to make sudden movements and hold the steering wheel tightly.

This type of gale can cause trees to fall to the road.


Among the tips for driving in strong winds, special attention must pay to overtake. And this type of maneuver is complex, especially if it is possible when a third element adds; wind. It is recommended to hold the steering wheel firmly. In this way, we can be alert of any change of trajectory caused by the wind.

Drive Comfort and Safety in the Strong Wind

Special attention to the vehicle

The car also has a lot to do with the reaction to the wind. If a car with a higher body driven, as is the case of large SUVs or SUVs. The wind resistance is greater, and they are more difficult to control because of their height and its high center of gravity.

The tires also influence the grip on the road, and that is the link between vehicle and asphalt. It is advisable to check the pressures before going on a trip.

Recommendations when driving in strong winds

  • Reduce speed and put the five senses on the path.
  • Get away from vehicles of large tonnage and dimensions.
  • Place your hands on the steering wheel in the 13:50 position.
  • High-speed regime.
  • Stay in the center of the lane.
  • Caution when leaving tunnels.

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