The Maintenance Guide of Particulate Filter

Maintenance the Particle Filter

How is the regeneration and maintenance of the particulate filter, FAP, in diesel and gasoline cars and tips to prevent deterioration?

The particulate filter has been an element associated with diesel cars until recently. This device raised as an ally against solid remains from the use of diesel. According to studies carried out in the new mechanics, they show that the use of an anti-particulate filter in gasoline also reduces the environmental impact and, therefore, improves the quality from the air.

For this reason and due to its implementation in diesel or gasoline cars, the particle filter or antiparticle filter is one of the most popular components of cars in general for some time now. An escape system member who was already the protagonist of the article dedicated to describing what the FAP is and how it works.

But, in this article, we will discuss the regeneration of the antiparticle filter and its care.

Maintenance the Particle Filter

Particle Filter Regeneration

Particle Filter Regeneration is the incineration of solid-gas residues. A process that does not happen constantly. It depends on the use of the car and its driving. It can be done in ranges between 300, 500, and up to 1,000 km, depending on the vehicle.

It is the car control unit that, according to established parameters, identifies the ideal moment of heat destruction of solid particles. Then, it should be driven for about 20-30 km above 2,500 rpm and at speeds above 60 km / h.

The regeneration phase of the FAP has a variable duration. It can take 10 to 20 minutes. In this period, the vehicle, in addition to being in motion, should not be turned off. If not carried out satisfactorily, the vehicle would light a fault indicator. That, by diagnosis, would identify the need for cleaning the particle filter in a workshop.

The price of cleaning a particle filter depends on the procedure performed. From the most economical is the cleaning of the FAP is carried out with chemical products. Some of these liquids cost little more than 20 dollars, but whose efficiency is not the highest, going through other more expensive treatments, whose prices start from 200 dollars. Such as thermal (application of high temperatures, but disassembling and reinstalling the part), until the use of ultrasound to clean the antiparticle filter, with which to eliminate the vast majority of waste. But it has been proven that the most effective method to clean the FAP is by using specific filter washers that manage to eliminate between 98 and 99% of the waste.

Maintenance the Particle Filter

How to care for the particle filter

It may happen that, in vehicles whose use is on short and short journeys, for example, cars used primarily in the city, the particulate filter becomes clogged and deteriorated.

Also, it would be one of the reasons why a car could have an unfavorable evaluation with the new ITV. It is because one of the warning lights on the instrumentation panel is on, as well as detected through the ECU reading via OBD, due to the clogged antiparticle filter.

It is recommended to perform routinely, for example, 200 km in urban roads once a month. A route we described in FAP regeneration, that circulating about 20 km. It is at a rate greater than 2,500 revolutions by roads out of the population.

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