The Guides to Recover the Driving License Points

Recover the Driving License Points

If you have lost several or all points of your driving license, there are several ways to recover them, waiting for a period of 2 or 3 years or taking courses.

A traffic offense can be serious or minor, and these lead to the loss of points on the driving license. Running out of points on this card is similar to not having it. But there are several ways to recover those points!

The driver exposed to punish with imprisonment in jail for a period between 3 to 6 months. Driving when there are no points on the license that situation constitutes a crime, according to article 384 of the Penal Code.

Before running out points, the right decision is to recover points from the card. You can get it through the procedures established by the General Directorate of Traffic: The courses of sensitization and road education again.

If you have only lost a few points, you have the opportunity to recover your initial balance of 12 points at the end of two years. After this time, you do not commit any other infraction that puts you at risk of a loss of points on your card. However, the waiting time will be three years in case the infraction that lead to that loss of points was serious.

But if the case is that you have lost all the points, you must wait six months to recover them. And you must take the corresponding road sensitization and the education course again.

Recover the Driving License Points

What are the courses to recover card points?

For the people who lost all points or only some of them, the alternative to recover them is to take the road awareness and re-education course. For this, the General Directorate of Traffic has designed three types of courses:

  • For the total recovery of points, the permit or license recovery course must complete.
  • In case a driver wishes to recover only some of the points of his balance, the one that he must perform is the partial recovery course.
  • The third of the courses is one of the formative or additional cycles. And it is the one that will have to be carried out by the driver who fails to pass the theoretical exam of the permit recovery course.

What do these courses consist of?

These courses have the objective of sensitizing drivers about how they drive, as well as guiding a change of behavior to improve their driving and make it safe.

The courses taught in face-to-face classes. The course lasts 24 hours, and a theoretical test presented. For the partial recovery of the points, the course is 12 hours, and the exam is not required.

And if you have to apply to the additional cycle, the duration is 4 hours.

How much does it cost to take these courses?

  • License or permit recovery course: 329.30 euros + VAT / IGIC / IPSI
  • Partial recovery course: 174.93 euros + VAT / IGIC / IPSI
  • Training cycle: 102.90 euros + VAT / IGIC / IPSI

Recover the Driving License Points

When can you do them?

The theoretical proof of the permit or license recovery course can be presented only at the end of the period of the loss of validity of the driving license. It lasts for six months (3 months for professionals).

For partial recovery, it can be done once every two years, but in the case of professionals, it is allowed once a year.

The additional cycle is the option for those who have not passed the theoretical test. The cycle can only be done twice in succession, and the course must repeat in case of not passing on the third attempt.

How many points can recover?

If a driver for two years does not commit infractions, he recovers the total points. That is, the credit returns to its original state of 12 points, but if there was any severe infraction, you must wait three years.

The course to recover license points partially, a maximum of 6 points can be improved, but in case of loss of the driving license, only 8 points can recover initially.

For any of the courses, you must request an appointment at traffic headquarters, by phone 060, or by accessing the official website where you will find a list of the centers and schedules where the courses taught.

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