Tips to Maintain Your Electric Cars Battery and Brakes

Maintenance for Your Electric Car

The maintenance of electric cars is fundamentally different from that of cars with combustion engines, although it is equally necessary

A new paradigm arrives in the motor world, and we will have to change the way we do certain things with the car. These include maintenance since an electric car has little to do with a car with a combustion engine. And that will bring serious complications, because if our car with the traditional engine, we could go to almost any workshop to have it checked. With an electric car, we will have to look for a specialized workshop.

Luckily, with the increase in the presence of electric cars, workshops specialized in electric cars will also increase. But until then, the buyer of an electric car will have to approach the workshop indicated by the brand. Because specialization, as marked by market laws, will come, but when it is necessary and above all, profitable.

Maintenance for Your Electric Car

Battery, motors, and brakes: three components of mandatory review

The maintenance of an electric car has several advantages over the car with a combustion engine. To begin with, it does not have a mechanical engine that uses moving parts. Is dose not a violent application of heat with an explosion, not lubricants necessary for the operation of these moving parts of the combustion engine. All this is not present in electric cars, so there are no parts that wear out so quickly.

The tasks will vary in this aspect since the electrical system will replace the combustion engines. We find the battery and electric motors, but also the charging system and the regenerative brakes, which also require special attention. The mechanics will check the insulation of all cables, the motors, the battery, and the rest of the systems.

This result will require a series of personal safety elements so that the mechanic does not take an accidental discharge, something that does not happen with combustion cars. The tools also need special treatment to isolate them, since they are metallic and expose to considerable risk.

All this will make the revision invoice more expensive since they will also have to amortize the training of the mechanics. But normal revision work will also have to be done. There are still parts that require the same maintenance performed on cars with combustion engines. The changes in other points of the vehicle are not so great. In mechanical points, the lubrication has to be checked, which will continue to be necessary for the pinions that deduplicate the power of the engine to the wheels. And the differentials, and other points that are still present in the Cars with electric motors.

Maintenance for Your Electric Car

The tires, a fundamental element to check

Although they don’t usually have as much attention as other elements of an electric car, tires are important. And although wear occurs both in one type of vehicle and the other, the torque used to start driving with an electric car is higher. The greatest wear on the tires occurs when starting and stopping so that greater torque produces superior wear on an electric car.

This result can make the tires wear more and last a little less. But it does not usually take into account, but mechanics will have to check the tires well to avoid surprises. In general, electric vehicles will need less maintenance in terms of brakes and other elements, which wear less. Nor will they have some liquids that are indispensable today. But this is replaced by the maintenance of insulation and the operation of electrical equipment. So although it claimed that electric cars do not need so much maintenance, it is not true.

The electric cars need maintenance, or the internal combustion cars, even if it is different maintenance. With this maintenance, you can avoid breakdowns in electric cars. That we would not have in combustion cars, they can leave us without a car for a good season or forever.