How to Cool Down Your Car on Summer Days

Cool Down Your Car

Reducing the temperature of your car quickly after exposure to the sun is one of the main concerns of drivers in summer.

The interior temperature of the car after the whole day exposed to the sun is a serious problem for many drivers. You parked in the shade, put parasols on all the windows, and left the windows down a few millimeters to circulate the air. The inside of your car is a real oven when you return to it. After spending the day in the Beach and you can not even touch the steering wheel or the knob of the lever of change without burning. What to do then to be able to travel on it without literally cooking inside?

You did your homework well when leaving it, but the measures were insufficient to meet the near 40 ° C. Your car has been supporting for so many hours of sun exposure. That is why you need other complements that allow you to use it without, thereby, melting it inside quickly.

Cool Down Your Car
The first one would be to open the door. Do not do it only once, but repeat the operation ten times. In doing so, you will generate the movement of large airflow that will extract all the hot air from inside and introduce air from the outside, much cooler. With this, you can reduce the interior temperature of the car by more than 10 degrees. The air inside a vehicle exposed to the sun for hours may exceed 50 ° C.

This way, you will have reduced the temperature enough to be at least able to sit inside and start activating other measures. That also helps you improve the conditions in the cabin.

Open the car doors and connect the air conditioning system. The first breath of air introduced by the system will always be hot, due to the long-time spent in the sun. Repeat the opening and closing action of the doors, and you will have accelerated the process.

After doing so, close the windows and doors of the car and let the air conditioning system work. Of course, do not make the frequent mistake of selecting the lowest temperature and putting the fans to the maximum. With this, you will be introducing hot air again, as the system is not capable of cooling air to the maximum in such a short time. Air conditioners and air systems work best if you keep them between 20 and 22 degrees constantly. They cool the air faster and consume less energy to do so. He thinks that it is almost 20 degrees less temperature than outside the vehicle and that, therefore, the effect will not be immediate.

Cool Down Your Car
Start the car with an air system running at that temperature while you shake the sand from the Beach to passengers and their belongings. The interior of the car will have reached the right temperature so you can travel in the comfortably cool.

And by the way, it is of no use all that have done if then, once it is running, you open the car windows while driving. If you do, you will be significantly increasing fuel consumption, reducing your safety and, above all, making all previous efforts useless. If you drive with the windows open, disconnect the air or the air conditioning system, because your efforts to reduce the temperature onboard the car will be completely useless.

And remember, it will be no use if you try to use the air conditioning before your holidays. You did not worry about taking the car to the workshop. They would conveniently check the air conditioning system and the refrigerant gas charges that guarantee its proper functioning.

In any case, you should never leave people – especially young children – or animals locked in the car. With the windows closed at times like summer since they are in danger of suffering severe episodes of suffocation and heatstroke that can get to compromise your life.