How to Measure Tire Pressure Correctly?

Measure for Your Tire Pressure

The tires are a fundamental part of the vehicle, and they are the only connection between vehicle and road, so we must always have them ready.

How to measure the tire pressure correctly? This question is asked daily by thousands of users and is that carrying out a good pressure measurement avoids many scares on the road. The tires are a fundamental part of the vehicle, and they are the union between the vehicle and the road.

In addition to checking the condition of the tires, it is essential to check the pressures once a month. With more reason, if you plan to travel.

Measure for Your Tire Pressure

What happens when the tires do not have the correct pressure?

The tires must carry the correct pressure, but if, for some reason, they suffer any loss, it recommends that the risks known. First, deflated tires get hotter. This result causes greater friction to occur, which means that the vehicle consumes much more fuel.

Also, carrying the tires with little pressure can cause deformation of the tires, and with this, there is a risk of possible blowouts. The loss of vehicle control is also a consequence of the lack of pressure maintenance.

What pressure should the tires bear?

How to measure the tire pressure correctly, it is essential to know the exact pressure that the tires need. The exact date can check in the instruction manual that must accompany the vehicle in question. In most models, an adhesive can be found, located on the door thresholds or the tank cover. You can read the figures recommended by the manufacturer, according to the wheel measurements, the number of passengers, and the cargo transported.

For a correct pressure measurement, it is advisable to have a pressure gauge on hand.

Measure for Your Tire Pressure

How to measure the pressure correctly?

The tire pressure should be measured when the wheels are ‘cold,’ that is, before starting the ride or having traveled no more than five kilometers. If, on the other hand, the inflation of the wheels could not be carried out before starting the march, it must take into account that 0.3 bars must add to what the manufacturer indicates.

It is recommended to check them at least once a month since the covers tend to lose pressure over time. It is not advisable to inflate them too much. This check would result in a loss of vehicle control, adhesion, irregular wear and along the center of the tread.

Although fewer and fewer models incorporate it, do not forget to check the condition of the spare wheel. It is important to check your pressure and also add a kilogram more than what the manufacturer marks. In this way, the user will ensure that it is in good condition when needed.

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