How to Rotate the Tires Correctly?

Rotate the Tires

There is a technique to extend the life of the roofs. It is called rotating the tires and should do between 5,000 and 12,000 kilometers.

The tire changes are something that all drivers want to delay as much as possible, but it is important to note the condition of the tires periodically, so check that has not yet reached the witnesses and wear traces. It is regular. Take advantage of the covers as much as possible. There is a technique to extend, a little more, its useful life. It is called rotating the tires and should do between 5,000 and 12,000 kilometers.

Regardless of the car driven, it must take into account that each wheel works differently, which means that each one has different wear. Front-wheel drive cars wear the front wheels much more since they are driving wheels and steering wheels.

Rotate the Tires

How to rotate the tires?

This first step is essential, and it is necessary to check if all four wheels are of the same size. There are cars on the market, especially those with large displacements, which mount tires or width in double measure so that the rotation of tires in these cases is unfeasible.

Once this fact has proven, the following is to see if the tires can rotate. This result can see in the tread of each wheel. In some, you can read ‘ rotation ‘ and an arrow indicating the direction of rotation while in others you can directly read ‘ Outside.’

The former indicates that they can only change to positions that carry that sense of rotation; that is, if it located on the front axle on the right wheel, it could place on the rear axle on the right side. They can never put on the left side. The second one can be changed sideways as long as the ‘Outside’ is facing the outside. Never ride with a cover where you can read the word ‘ Inside ‘ from outside the vehicle.

Rotate the Tires

How to change the tires?

Once it is clear that the tires are going to rotate, it is advisable to take out the spare wheel and the jack. If you have a hydraulic jack and borriquetas, it will be much better. It recommended that you do not skimp on security. Then, the bolts of the first wheel are loosened using a wheel, ratchet or torque wrench. Once loosened, the car will be lifted with the jack (make sure that the jack properly positioned), and the wheel will be replaced temporarily by the spare one.

The wheel that has removed to the axis is to install, and the same operation started again. Once replaced, the resulting wheel should replace by the replacement one we have placed temporarily. This tonic should apply to the rest of the tires.

Before storing the spare wheel, it is advisable to check the tire pressure and inflate it one kilogram more than the manufacturer indicates. In this way, when needed, it will have optimal pressure.

Of course, we can always take it to a workshop to rotate our wheels for a price that can range between 10 and 20 euros per wheel; If we wanted to rotate the 4, it could cost us between 40 and 80 euros approximately.

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