How to Know A Cars Real Kilometers? Some Tips for You

Know The Car Real Kilometers

Performing a diagnosis, a mechanical review, reviewing the maintenance book, and the ITV reports are some of the keys to knowing the kilometers.

Many users currently choose to buy a second-hand car, and before making the decision, it is important to know their kilometers. But how to know the real kilometers of a car? The main source to know the kilometers that a second-hand car has traveled is diagnostic equipment.

The evolution of technology in vehicles has taken another step. It left behind traditional odometers and has incorporated the digital process. That makes the already famous ‘shave’ of kilometers more complicated; at least, if it has done, it is left a mark on the system of the vehicle in question.

In the race, knowing real car kilometers, it is essential to keep in mind that many switchboards are connected to the vehicle. Therefore, if you want to buy a second-hand model, it is advisable to access the car through a diagnostic device and enter the different electrical systems of the unit.

Know The Car Real Kilometers

Review the maintenance book

Before deciding to purchase a second-hand car, it is advisable to review the workshop book to study. In detail, the actual kilometers, each of the repairs that are carried out on the vehicle, must appear the corresponding kilometers.

Report of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV)

Another of the documents that the future buyer must review to know the actual kilometers of a second-hand car is the ITV Report. From a few years to this part, the stations required to record kilometers, which the vehicle arrives at the inspection.

For any reason, the car in question does not have the latest documents, you can always go to the Traffic Department. And obtain, through the payment of fees, the vehicle’s history. Through this request, you can find out the kilometers of each inspection and check their correlation.

Know The Car Real Kilometers

Mechanical inspection

Before buying the used car that has selected, it is essential to perform a thorough mechanical check. Also, it must be carried out by a professional or trusted mechanic who will check the wear elements. Some of the systems in which greater attention should pay are the clutch, the brakes, the suspensions. Possible blows that affect the structure of the vehicle, bad repairs on the body and missing parts; crankcase cover, different or absent hardware, etc.

These aspects could give some clues about the care, use, and actual kilometers of the vehicle you intend to acquire.

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