How to Install Led Headlights for Your Car

car headlight

For assembly, it is possible to separate the base H4 from the bulb body to fix the base first and then the bulb on it without having to spread the fixing clips apart.

It is instead necessary for my opinion to eliminate the rubber protection cap present in the headlights to allow better air circulation. I couldn’t measure the current with the multimeter because the minimum series resistance of the multimeter is sufficient to reduce this current.

Lighting Effect After Replacement

The light output is truly remarkable, as expected. Here are a couple of photos for visual comparison. The evidence from the different brightness of the condominium ceiling light that in the photos relating to the LEDs, the diaphragm (automatic exposure) has closed more, therefore the difference is even a little greater than it appears in the photo. Furthermore, following a recent rear-end collision, the headlights are too convergent, and the relative light impressions almost overlapped.

The “cut” of the dipped beam of h13 led bulb is visible, although less clear than with traditional bulbs. The whole area under the cut is more illuminated. Even with the high beam, the brightness is greater everywhere. There is an evident upward and left widening of the illuminated area. It is practically useless and very annoying, widening for the cars in the opposite direction.

car headlight

Correct adjustment of car headlights

In reality, most people drive the car with poorly regulated lights. Its adjustment made (employing adjusting screws), and the process is very simple, but it requires extreme rigor that, in most cases, is not followed.

It is better to use a template on a wall instead of the classic machine to make a correct headlight adjustment that we see in the workshops. They are very effective machines, but you need to have the car on a perfectly flat surface. The car has good pressure on the tires, with the boot empty, and the machine must move on a stable surface, better if they are lanes, and ensuring that it well oriented concerning the headlight.

Regulating the headlight well requires patience and meticulousness. Place the car perpendicular to the wall (a measure that the center of each front tires is the same distance from the wall), turn on the headlights, and chalk the edge of each headlight beam.

In the car user manual, it tells you how far the car should be from the wall and the position of the light center on the wall. Take those measurements and make a template that you can put on the wall. By moving the headlight adjusting screws, position your focal center exactly at the manufacturer’s mark. Sometimes it is impossible to adjust the headlight, usually because the bulb is poorly mounted and not seated properly on its socket. If this is your case, check the bulb properly seated and flat on the socket, and the spring presses it firmly fixed.

If this gets too complicated for you, take the car to a good lighting shop where they take the time to adjust them correctly.

car headlight


It is easy to predict that shortly, LED bulbs will become the most used as original headlight bulbs of its obvious advantages.

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