How to Avoid Some Serious Car Breakdowns

Car Breakdowns

The car has many elements that can be damaged, but before doing so usually, warn and doing a review when it touches you can locate the problems.

Nobody likes to have to go through the workshop, especially when it comes to a breakdown that leaves us lying on the road. When we have to pull a crane, it means that the breakdown is serious and that the car needs some change of parts. Which translates, of course, into a rather bulky bill that will make us in a worse mood. But do you know that there are serious breakdowns that can avoid a bit of foresight, which will save us money and a lot of workshop time? Let’s see five of these faults that can easily avoid.

Car Breakdowns

Breakage of the timing belt

The timing belt is essential for the car to work. Other pieces can be broken and still allow us to circulate to the workshop and leave it for repair. But in the case of the timing belt, the engine does not work. Moreover, if the timing belt breaks during driving, the engine continues to run, although it does not transmit traction to the axles, and because it not properly coordinate, friction occurs that spoil the valves and cylinders.

This result is a serious breakdown, which translates into several thousand euros, depending on the badly suffered by the engine. The workshop will have to disassemble, recalibrate, and replace the broken parts, which is a great expense. Not to mention, of course, the timing belt kit, which is not cheap either. To avoid this fault, follow the manufacturer‘s instructions and change the timing belt when playing. This result is usually between 85,000 and 150,000 kilometers.

And it is a forced change, even if it seems that the timing belt is in condition, because wear, even if it does not seem so, is there and can cause it to break at any time. Having an expense of about 700 euros to about 2,000 euros makes it advisable to review this important element of the car.

Tire blowout

We will never get tired of repeating it. The condition of the tires must carefully monitor. They are the point of contact of the car with the asphalt and therefore need to be in good condition to ensure safety while driving. The tire pressure should be checked frequently and put on air if necessary, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, the depth of the drawing must control.

Do not wait until it reaches 1.5 millimeters indicated by regulations, but must be changed before. The consequences of having worn tires can be disastrous, not only because of the cost that can come from a high-speed crash but also because of the safety of the car’s occupants and other road users.

Car Breakdowns

Clutch breakage

The clutch is one of the elements that last the longest in a car. Normally, its useful life is the same as that of the car itself. But sometimes it wears out more than normal and can break. But, normally, he warns before finishing broken. One way to warn is a malfunction, causing the engine to revolutionize when the clutch is pressed to change the gear. It may also be that the gears do not enter correctly, so it will warn before breaking completely.

You have to go to the workshop as soon as you notice that the clutch is not working correctly. In this case, it must change, and it is better to do it in a controlled way than when it ends up breaking. In that case, it can end up causing an accident since it can break while driving, and in addition to the clutch break, we can find a good problem.

These are just some of the breakdowns that can avoid. In general, you should take the car to the workshop as soon as any problem is detected, or you notice some element does not work as it should. The review is essential to know the status of the car, and the visit to the workshop on time can save us a lot of money in surprise breakdowns that can be much more expensive than what it costs to repair.

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