Tips to Help You Wash Your Car Without Damage

Wash Your Vehicle

When cleaning the car, several household products can be used to leave the body shiny and clean, and that does not damage the paint.

If there is something we all have to do with our car, it is to wash it. The body can withstand almost everything, but you have to take care of it. When we wash it and leave it as bright as it was when we picked up the car from the dealership. There are specific products to clean the car and keep the body in condition. But in our house, some products can be very interesting to clean the body and keep it in good condition. We are going to see some of those household products that can help you to clean the car and that you can find at home.

Wash Your Vehicle

Furnace cleaning foam

A product as common in the home as is the oven cleaning foam can be very useful for cleaning car tires. Its anti-grease action allows eliminating any dirt that has adhered to the tires. Spray the tires with oven cleaning foam and let it dissolve the dirt completely.


The dishwasher is designed to remove dirt embedded in dishes and cutlery, so it can also be used to remove dirt from the body. It is convenient to use it with a pressure washer, which sprays water with a dishwasher over the entire body surface. After leaving some time for the dishwasher to operate, it is necessary to rinse with water, and we will obtain a clean and shiny body.

White vinegar

The white vinegar is a product that can use in various ways to clean the car. The white vinegar can be used to clean the tires because it is a powerful degreaser. Vinegar also used in the home as a glass cleaner, diluted to 10% with water. To be efficient, you have to use a newspaper, which prevents the glasses from fogging up.

Another use of vinegar can be the cleaning of plastics. The effect of vinegar can remove dirt from plastics, using wet cotton in half a glass of water with two tablespoons of vinegar.

Wash Your Vehicle


Something as usual for daily hygiene as toothpaste can be a good ally for car cleaning. Specifically, toothpaste can be used to polish the headlights of cars. You can spread the surface of the headlights with toothpaste and make small circular movements with a toothbrush. Anyway, to get a good result in the polishing of headlights, I advise you to read this article, where we explain how to do it most efficiently.


The bitumen will not only give the shoes a new look, but it can also be used to give a touch of black to car elements such as the bumper. Bitumen can be used to recover the black color of a plastic bumper by applying a couple of layers of bitumen. It can extend with a sponge bathed in bitumen, from those sold in any supermarket, and you can get a fantastic result in the car.

All these little tricks to clean the car with homemade products work can be very useful to leave the car clean and perfect. But you do not have to experiment with any product. Some of the products we have at home can be used to clean anything, but be harmful to the paint and bodywork. If we do not have insurance, it is better not to use that product we have doubts about and stick to what is proven to work.

There are also products that popular wisdom offers prodigious characteristics for cleaning. But that does nothing, such as Coca-Cola, the object of thousands of hoaxes and myths, and that is nothing more than sugar water, or that can be harmful to the car’s paint. Be very careful, because although some things work and can easily replace specific and expensive products, others do not.


Tips to Protect Your Parking Vehicle From the Sun Light

Protect Your Parking Vehicle From the Sun

Summer has a serious problem: the sun is present for many hours a day, and its effects felt inside and outside the car.

One of the main problems we encounter in summer is getting into the car after a day at the beach. Normally, you have to think about it a bit and let the accumulated heat out through the door or the windows. In a previous article, we told you how to cool the car when the sun warms the most, but what we are going to tell you today is how to protect the car from the sun and prevent it from damaging the interior of the vehicle.

The sun can spoil the interior of the car and make the dashboard plastic suffer enough not only from the heat but from the direct action of the sun. The upholstery also suffers from solar radiation, so it is convenient to be a little careful and be well prepared to avoid the effects of the king star. Let’s see a few tips to protect the car from the sun.

Protect Your Parking Vehicle From the Sun

Park in the shade

Although it seems very logical, it is something that not always take into account. But when we refer to parking in the shade, we don’t say it because you have to park it under a tree, but look for a covered parking space. The shadow of a tree may be on the car when it is parked, but after a short time, the shadow will move, and the car will no longer be protected.

There is a trick so that, at least, the car is the maximum time in the shade. Or, at least, be covered when you go back up to it. If you know the area where you are going to the park, try to leave the car where the shadow is present when you go into it. Thus, at least, you will avoid the initial heatstroke.

Use a sun visor

Even if you leave the car in an area that covered with shade or applied the previous trick, there may be a time when the sun falls on the car and will heat the interior. It is convenient to always carry a sun shield from those that placed on the windshield. In this way, the sun prevented from directly entering the largest glass and falls on the dashboard and the steering wheel.

There are two types of parasols. The first is the cardboard model, which usually decorates with advertising. It is very practical, and they usually give it away in several places during the summer or in the previous weeks, so it can be a good idea, and also free. The other type of model is the one made of reflective material.

This material prevents the entry of the sun, but also the radiated heat, so it is more useful than the other. Both are placed very easily and are easy to remove, take up little space, and are very comfortable to move. Also, they can place at the rear, so if it is exposed, it is also protected.

Protect Your Parking Vehicle From the Sun

Steering wheel protector

If a lens hood is not available, the steering wheel can protect with a cover. If it is not available, a rag on the steering wheel will not prevent general heat but will prevent the sun’s rays from giving it directly.

Avoid the hottest hours to drive

This action is difficult to accomplish because you have to move to the beach, pool, or even to work. But if you can, do it in the hottest hours. And before leaving, make sure you wear the parasol.

Keep the car clean

The clean body helps keep the car (something) cooler. Also, if a protective wax against ultraviolet rays uses, the effect of the sun on the body may reduce, and the metal does not get so hot. This result will protect the body, but also the interior of the car, which will not get so hot.

Keep in mind that the heat will always be during the summer, but we can ensure that, at least, the sun does not cause damage inside the car, and the heat does not wreak havoc on the plastic material or the fabric of the car.