5 Steps to Polish the Car Headlight

Polish the Car Headlight

The headlights of the car are one of the most important safety elements, and it is possible to recover the brightness by polishing the headlights of the car in five steps

The headlights are one of the most important parts of the car and one of the elementary safety elements. And the headlights not only allow us to see during the night or at times when sunlight is not enough to see correctly. They also serve to make the rest of the drivers aware of the presence of our car. The integrity of the headlights allows for greater brightness. With the passage of time and the action of dust, insects, and rain, the surface of the headlights deteriorates, and the luminosity is lost.

Many times we are not aware that the headlights are losing efficiency until they communicate it to us, for example, in the ITV. The difference between a new lighthouse and one that has suffered the passage of time without maintenance is quite large, so if we notice this loss of brightness, it is time to solve the problem. The first solution we can think of is to change the headlights, something that is quite expensive. But calm down, there is another way to solve it, which can be done at home and does not take up much time. And, above all, it’s nothing expensive.

Polish the Car Headlight

The headlights can polish in a very simple way, and you only need a few elements to do it at home, things that are easy to have at home or that can be bought without problems and used without having great knowledge. The tools and materials you need to polish the headlights of the car in 5 steps are as follows:

  • Masking tape
  • 400, 1,000 and 2,000 grit sandpaper
  • Variable speed drill
  • The rag that does not leave lint
  • Wool discs
  • Liquid polish with silicones
  • Water

Step 1: Clean the headlights of the car well

Before starting with the sanding of the headlight surface, you have to make sure everything is well cleaned. Using a sponge, water, and soap, you have to remove all dirt from the glass. Outside dust, mud stains, remains of any kind, and all stains. When everything well cleaned, the bodybuilder tape should be used around the headlights so that the paint and bodywork are not damaged when the sandpaper used.

Step 2: Sanding the headlight surface

Once everything is clean and secured, it is time to use the different types of sandpaper to polish the surface of the headlamp. The function of this step is to eliminate the most superficial layer of the thermoplastic, which makes the headlamp present this opacity. The sandpaper has a different grain, and the smaller the number, the greater the degree of roughness. So possibly, and depending on the damage the headlight housing has, you only have to use the 1,000 or 2,000 grit sandpaper.

Sanding can be done by hand or using a drill with the minimum speed. In both cases, you have to be careful and not put too much pressure or stop for a long time at a single point. If you force a lot, you can damage the headlight permanently. It is also advisable to wet the surface of the headlight every so often, to avoid damage. First, most abrasive will use, that of 400 if the surface of the headlight is very opaque or that of 1,000 if the opacity is not very pronounced.

After sanding, the surface should be white, as if it were frozen. There should be no bright spots. After this sanding, 2,000 grit, the least abrasive, must be used. It is necessary to continue wetting the surface and without exerting too much pressure.

Polish the Car Headlight

Step 3: Polishing the headlight surface

Once the headlights sanded, they should be cleaned well and dried thoroughly. The correct application of the polish can depend on everything being very dry, including the corners attached to the headlight housing, so that no drops fall on the polish. The drill must now use with the wool disc, on which the liquid polish with silicone will place, something that can purchase at any hardware store or DIY store. This product must apply to the headlamp, and the drill must be used without tightening, and without stopping too much on the same point. Gradually, the surface of the lighthouse will recover transparency.

Step 4: Cleaning the headlight surface

After polishing and applying the liquid polish with silicone, the headlight surface must be cleaned and checked. If we see that transparency has recovered, we don’t have to do much more. If opaque areas continue to exist, polishing must repeat. To perform this thorough cleaning, use a rag with water and leave everything clean and dry.

Step 5: Varnishing and sealing the headlight

This last step is not mandatory, but it is quite practical. By sanding and polishing the surface of the car’s headlight, the protective varnish layer removed, so it has been left unprotected. A protective varnish must use, which can purchase at a specialized workshop. It is important to let the varnish dry well, so you have to leave the car still and in a place where it can dry well, and nothing spoils the final result.

Following these steps, it is easy to polish the headlights of the car. It is also true that in a workshop they can do it more easily if we do not have much practice and the cost of doing so is quite low, not reaching 50 euros on average. Let’s do it at home or in a workshop, polishing of the headlights of the car will give new life to this important element of safety.

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