Sharks Nominated for LeMons "Wall of Blame"

N/A - 16 Jan 2010 - From

Yet another dubious honor for The Sharks as they are hand picked to be one of 20 nominees for a chance to be inducted into the 24 Hours of LeMons "Wall of Blame". Rhymes with Hall of Fame. Get it? [more]

AutoBlog to Queer Wall of Blame Results

N/A - 16 Jan 2010 - From

While the voting on Jalopnik has topped 4,000 ballots, Mr. Loverman over at AutoBlog finally pens something lemony by following suit with his own poll to surely upset and distort the official results. We'll take the press. [more]

Favorite 24 Hours of LeMons Cars From 2009

N/A - 19 Dec 2009 - From

First appearing on our sonar screens at the first Yeehaw It's Texas race, the Very Important Peasants aka The Sharks set the all-time record for most black flags in a single LeMons race, with nine trips to the Penalty Box. Since then, they've become much better drivers... and added some junkyard turbocharging power. [more]

Revenge of the Turds

N/A - 01 Dec 2009 - From Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Sir Crashington Crashy von Crashalot, a.k.a. Clay Bush is granted the title of one of the "Most Head-Slapping Drivers" in the LeMons series on page 4 of this 6 page expose on the 24 Hours of LeMons. [more]

LeMons Virus Spreads Like Swine Flu

N/A - 18 Oct 2009 - From

You whiners who couldn't put a Renault Fuego LeMons team together because you can't tow a car a measly 1,500 miles no longer have any excuses- LeMons is infesting your region next year! [more]

Race-Leading Integra Flips On Final Lap

Buttonwillow, CA - 18 Aug 2009 - From

The last few minutes of the Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours Of LeMons provided an epic battle between the Krider Racing Acura and the V8olvo. Until, on one of the last turns before the checkered, disaster! [more]

Were the Sharks Innocent?

Reno Fernley, NV - 26 May 2009 - From

Ruh oh. Controversy is a brewiní! In the Saga of the Sharks Part Deux,, we learned that Sharky Clay was upset that he was not allowed to continue racing but the lady driving the D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. CRX was. Now, if youíve hung around the California LeMons races for any amount of time you know that Team D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. is the Jack Russell of the series. [more]

The Saga of the Sharks Part 2

Reno Fernley, NV - 26 May 2009 - From

When we last left you, the Sharks had just finished a heroic, all-day wrench to bolt up a new subframe and get their junkyard turboíd BMW 528e back in the race. Sunday morning meant the moment of truth had arrived. Even though the roll bar got a little smooshed in, the Shark passed re-tech. Now it was up to Chief Perp Jay Lamm if they could race or not. Well, if all the sharks could race or not. [more]

Sharks Looking For Blood

Reno Fernley, NV - 23 May 2009 - From

The Sharks and Team DILLIGAF (greatest acronym ever) find themselves trying to occupy the same corner at the same time. Result? Bent Shark. [more]

The Saga of the Sharks Part 1

Reno Fernley, NV - 23 May 2009 - From

When the Sharks hooked up that rusty abortion of a turbo, the internal LeMons debate raged. What the hell do we do with these guys? Like, the money and effort it took to get that homunculus to work would have been much better spent on driving lessons. After all, the Sharks have often been described as driving like they just robbed a bank ó fast and out of control. The last thing they need is more power. [more]

Bigger, Faster, Double-Cut Shark

N/A - 18 May 2009 - From

Question: Whatís that abortion popping out from the hood of Team VIPís near-legendary Shark? Answer: A junkyard turbocharger off a 1987 Chrysler K-Car 2.2. In the pantheon of bad ideas, this ranks right near the top. While we (LeMons insiders) all love the Sharks, they are internally refereed to as, ďTeam most likely to leave racetrack while airborne.Ē [more]

LeMons N00b's Race Car Selection Guide

N/A - 29 Mar 2009 - From

LeMons Good Car Choice #2: BMW E28. We haven't seen huge numbers of E28s at LeMons races, but those that have entered have done quite well. In fact, Black Iron Racing's 535i won the LeMons SF '07 race. Is the E28 tough enough? Well, the Sharkmobile 528e has survived two races having the absolute dogshit beat out of it by its wild-eyed posse of black-flag-magnet drivers, and it's coming back for more! [more]

Sharks Go For Coveted Banned Technology Prize

N/A - 16 Mar 2009 - From

Itís often said that the real point of the 24 Hours of LeMons isnít winning the race, but rather winning the Index of Effluency. This is the prize given to the car that does the most with the least; the team that goes the furthest with the worstest. This, itís claimed, is the real je nes sais quoi of LeMons. For any fool and his gang of (foolish) friends can grab a $500 E30 or Miata and with a little luck win the race. [more]

24HOL Arse Freeze-A-Palooza ‹ber Gallery

Thunderhill, CA - 09 Jan 2009 - From

With nine penalties at the Yeehaw It's Texas '08 event the Sharks got 30th place this time. They drove like madmen fleeing a bank robbery and were on the receiving end of a textbook PIT Maneuver at the hands of a crafty RX-7. They also feature prominently in the Pandamonium Jackass Highlights Video, but the Sharks really do understand the spirit of LeMons and we hope to see them in future races. [more]

24HOL Yeehaw It's Texas ‹ber Gallery

Houston, TX - 29 Oct 2008 - From

This bunch from LA showed up with a 350,000-mile BMW 5 series purchased from a super-sketchy member of the Methamphetamine-American Community. They had the best shark fin we've ever seen on a LeMons car (along with spotted bovine paint jobs, shark fins are plentiful at LeMons races) and their car was fast, like 1:18.097 fast. [more]