We wish sponsors were hounding us with phone calls and emails but they're not. They don't even call back. Bastards! It's really embarrassing. Please sponsor us! Please! We're so desperate to decorate our car with impressive names, we're verging on making them up. Team VIP brought to you by Johnson & Mills Bean Lard Mulch. Maybe the 24 Hours of LeMons isn't quite glamorous enough! Who knows.

Thank You

When all is said and done, there will hopefully be several people that we will want to thank. Right now, there are none! Just kidding. So far, we'd like to thank:

Werks II - Burbank, CA - Porsche racing outfit, Sparco / Recaro reseller
Jay Lamm - Chief Perp, 24 Hours of LeMons - In case he sees this and we need to kiss his ass more than we already have!
myE28.com - An internet forum of people who know more about the BMW E28 series than is considered healthy.
Richie Aragon - Extreme welder. Welded a poorly fitting roll cage into our car like it was meant to be there.
TurboDan (from myE28.com) - Knows much about making E28s produce more power than they were ever designed for.

Thank F*** You

I didn't even think of who NOT to thank until we had our little differential fiasco. I know I can be a complete asshole, but hopefully this section will be shorter than the section above it! So far, it is dedicated to the one member who founded it!

CATuned - eBay store with absolutely sweet "f" all knowledge of BMW differentials. Don't quit your gay job.