Dusk at Buttonwillow

Buttonwillow, CA - 30 Jun 2012 - From The Sharks

Highlights from my 2nd 2.5 hour stint. A setting sun let way to nightfall for my first ever nighttime racing.

Shark Pass

Sears Point, CA - 09 Mar 2010 - From Carpocalypse Now

An aggressive pass by the sharks into turn 11 at Infineon.

Dean vs Shark Part 2

Sears Point, CA - 09 Mar 2010 - From Evil Genius Racing

Dean and Clay scrap once again. This time it's Infineon Sears Point and the tough track and Dean's presence make the perfect four off storm for Clay.


Thunderhill, CA - 22 Nov 2009 - 70 photos

The Sharks ran an almost smooth race at Thunderhill in and amongst 160 other miscreant cars. An early vacuum leak meant we had to claw our way back from 110th place. In the last 20 minutes, we had managed to get to 21st place just before the turbo died making the shark car look like a steam engine as it went around the track. Final result: 28th place.

"Super Cheater Class" Competition

Thunderhill, CA - 22 Nov 2009 - From Evil Genius Racing

V8Volvo chases the Shark in this Youtube video for a couple of laps at Thunderhill. Notice the shark's dynamic wing raising and lowering in the turns.

Last Laps With Ian

Thunderhill, CA - 22 Nov 2009 - Video

Crawling our way back to the top after some early hiccups, Ian runs the shark around Thunderhill late Sunday afternoon. About 15 minutes before the end of the race, the turbo gave way dashing our hopes of a top 20 finish.

One Lap With Clay

Buttonwillow, CA - 16 Aug 2009 - Video

Clay takes to the track in the revamped turbo shark. Almost all body roll is dialed out allowing us to fling the car through the turns with ease. Fueling problems and mechanical issues kept us from placing well in the race but setting the fastest lap of the race was an acceptable result all the same.

Buttonwillow Histrionics

Buttonwillow, CA - 15 Aug 2009 - 135 photos

The Sharks take to their 4th race duly unprepared but with a seriously fast car. Minor technical issues from blown hoses to 15 minute fuel stops push the team down the rankings. But, we make up for it by racing the fastest lap of the event. A good showing and a lot of fun.

Practice Makes Imperfect

Buttonwillow, CA - 20 Jul 2009 - Video

Armed with a faster than average clunker, The Sharks are working hard to learn how to keep the battered BMW turbo shark in one piece and on the track. Two days of driver training at Buttonwillow in the turbo shark, the Audi Allroad 4.2 and the rebuilt BMW M3.

Shark Interview

Los Angeles - 20 Jun 2009 - Video

The Sharks suffer from withdrawl after their Reno race. So they decide to grab the car, a judge, and a bunch of motorcycles to take a quick tour up Beachwood to the Hollywood sign and do some makeshift team interviews. Why? Because they're vain, vacuous, superficial types who love to look at videos of themselves all the time.

Crapping Out In Reno

Reno Fernley, NV - 24 May 2009 - 41 photos

It's the 24 Hours of LeMons, Goin' For Broken. Yes, indeed. We did break it. A mega crash in the back section of the track rips our right front wheel right off and takes us out of Saturday's racing. Back on the track Sunday with a patched up car, we run a conservative "stay on the track and stay alive" race.

Thunderhill Jackassery Exposed

Thunderhill, CA - 31 Dec 2008 - From Pandamonium Racing

Evidence of the shark attacking a tire barrier at the 2008 24 Hours of LeMons Arse Freeze A Palooza. The shark loses its line and goes two-wheeling, one of many instances at this race.

Thunderhill in Slow Motion

Thunderhill, CA - 27 Dec 2008 - Video

Highlights from the 2008 24 Hours of LeMons Arse-Freeze-A-Palooza at Thunderhill Raceway. Everything looks cool in slow motion especially when backed by a strong beat and grown men singing in falsetto.

Team VIP vs Chicane Pigs

Thunderhill, CA - 27 Dec 2008 - Video

How not to overtake heading into a chicane. A suicidal driver on team Lipstick on a Pig (#6) drives his Nissan Sentra full speed into a chicane in attempt to overtake way too late. Team VIP's shark takes the hit and is knocked into the other side of the chicane at 50MPH. Somehow, the pigs evaded the black flag despite going up on two wheels and going four off into the grass.

Clay's Goofy Last Laps

Thunderhill, CA - 27 Dec 2008 - Video

Clay discovers iMovie and a collection of sound effects to give us all an insight into what happens in his head when he's on the race track. It explains a lot!

The Battle of Thunderhill

Thunderhill, CA - 27 Dec 2008 - 117 photos

Christmas forsaken, Team VIP takes the whale shark RV to Northern California for the 24 Hours of LeMons Arse Freeze Apalooza car race at Thunderhill raceway. The challenging technical track and 100 plus competing cars made for very few dull moments.

Buttonwillow Track Day

Los Angeles - 14 Dec 2008 - 18 photos

A new suspension gets put to the test on the track at Buttonwillow as we the drivers test are ability to endure the cold in advance of the LeMons Freeze-Your-Arse-A-Palooza.

Team VIP vs Pickled Pigs Feet

Houston, TX - 19 Oct 2008 - Video

Early on Sunday at the Yee Haw It's LeMons Texas race, Team VIP begins to rack up the black flags and the punishments that go with them. The team narrowly saves the shark from metal shavings being poured in its crankcase but only to find that they need to put rancid pickled pigs' feet and okra in their stomachs instead. Why didn't yours truly have any, you ask? Well, I was on a diet.

Texas Two-Step

Houston, TX - 19 Oct 2008 - 76 photos

Team VIP hauls the shark 3,000 miles round trip to race in the 24 Hours of LeMons at the MSR Houston racetrack. That's right, Texas. 52 hours of driving, 52 feet of RV and shark in tow, 3 days on the track, 76 competitors, 4 novice drivers, 455 laps. You do the math!

Delusions of Grandeur

Houston, TX - 18 Oct 2008 - Video

After a couple of hours practice behind the wheel and almost a real night's sleep, Team VIP hits the track racing with 76 other cars each with their own hack amateur drivers. We manage to keep the wheels more or less pointing in the right direction and climb our way to our best position of 5th place without attracting major penalties. But Sunday holds some surprises. Part 4 coming soon.

Virgin Lemonade

Houston, TX - 17 Oct 2008 - Video

Team VIP has arrived at MSR Houston just in time to get on the track and get inspected. Weary from their 26 hour road trip, they slowly wake up to the smell of uncatalyzed exhaust and burnt tires. For all of Team VIP, it is their first time on a track let alone their first wheel to wheel race. Part 3, due next week, covers Team VIP in the racing action.

The Road to Lemons

Los Angeles - 16 Oct 2008 - Video

Team VIP wait to the very last minute to get organized. They spend their last week before the Houston race hastily getting the Land Shark ready and making their way to Texas. The first of two parts covering Team VIP's race in Houston. Stay tuned for part two covering Team VIP at MSR Houston in the Yee Haw, It's LeMons Texas race.

Team VIP Photos

Los Angeles - 16 Jul 2008 - 72 photos

Photographs from the bumpy road that will hopefully lead us to the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Thunderhill Raceway in December. Updated frequently so check back often. And I just bought a new camera (4x more expensive than our car) in order to photograph all the hiccups in beautiful contrast and detailed resolution.

The Land Shark

Los Angeles - 18 Jun 2008 - Video

Team VIP have come up with a design for their 24 Hours of LeMons race car. Introducing the "Land Shark". Soon to be biting it on a race track near you.