The Cause

As self-centered as we are, even we realize that we can't be completely selfish bastards all the time. As much as we have fun pretending to be race car drivers, there are a few important things going on in the world that everyone should pay attention to. Of particular interest to the team is the alarmingly rapid decline of the shark. 400,000,000 years old but yet in the past decade or so we evil humans have killed 90% of their population and many species are verging on extinction. The primary reason is the rise in popularity of shark fin soup in certain Asian countries followed closely by long line fishing and netting. Quick point in fact: in 2007, sharks killed 1 human. In that same year, humans killed 100,000,000 sharks. Personally, I can think of a couple people we could give up to help even the score.

It would be a major loss to lose such an iconic animal. Iconic for speed, agility, and ferocity. And sadly the mistaken assumption that they are deadly to humans. Imagine in ten years time (if it even takes that long), your son or daughter asks you "Mommy/Daddy, what happened to the sharks?" Imagine trying to explain to your child that people killed all the sharks and nobody cared enough to stop it. Tell your child that people didn't care because they thought sharks were dangerous yet it was more likely to be hit on the head by a meteor than to be attacked by a shark.

Team VIP hopes to raise awareness for the plight of the shark and our oceans and to get you to support their saviours. Specifically, we salute and expect you to donate to the following organisations:

The Sea Shepherd, a vessel that patrols the oceans in attempt to stop illegal fishing of sharks and whales. Captain Paul Watson needs your support so he and his crew can do more to stop illegal fishing.

Shark Research Institute, dedicated to enlightening the public about sharks. They debunk the myths about the dangers of sharks versus their value to the world's oceans and to us. They raise awareness for the illegal fishing and the declining populations and lobby for tougher legislation in hopes to prevent the extinction of sharks.

SharkWater, a dramatic film by Rob Stewart about the devastation of the shark species. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of this film and watch it. You will realize just how grave the situation is. It made me weapy and I didn't even wince during E.T. once!